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Magic City Music Events

sloss music festival

Recently, I was discussing music concerts with my co-worker when he enlightened me with information about several musical events that take place in our lovely city.  I know that Birmingham is blessed with a number of musically inclined people and the city possesses a number of wonderful music venues and a growing number of musical bands.  It should come as no surprise that Birmingham also hosts a number of music events, also.

Perhaps one of the most popular festivals is the Sloss Music and Arts Festival that is held during the summer, annually, in Birmingham.  This festival is a two-day event that encompasses a variety of musical acts, arts and crafts displays, and a plethora of food and drinks.  There are usually about 40 bands that entertain crowds of patrons during this event.  This event provides an opportunity to explore and celebrate the variety and uniqueness of multiple bands and sounds all within close proximity.

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Birmingham’s Best Known Bands

st paul and the broken bones

Birmingham, Alabama has a wonderful, vibrant, and growing music scene!  The town boasts a plethora of entertainment venues; from a lively, renovated historic district to modern, innovative venues.  Consequently, many musicians are creating local bands and are entertaining Birmingham residents throughout the city. 

A few bands that are popular are: St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Taylor Hicks, Within Reason, Catalyst Red, and Ages Apart.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones band was created in 2012 in Birmingham.  Their specialty is soul music and you can hear the smooth rhythms with the beats of instruments like the keyboard, guitars, drums, and saxophone.  They have released two albums already and they can be heard in venues around Birmingham and as they travel to destinations around the United States. 

Taylor Hicks became well-known in 2006 after he was named the winner of the popular television show, American Idol.  Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Taylor often plays his classic rock and blues music in venues around Alabama and throughout the U.S.

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Something for Everyone

Birmingham skyline

Birmingham, Alabama is a city that has a lot to offer.  If you’re a sports fan, food fanatic, or a music connoisseur, then Birmingham can supply you with a variety of options from which to choose.  The music scene is particularly diverse. 

If you’re into history, you can combine your interest in music and historic landmarks consecutively.  Birmingham has a historic district where you will find gems such as the Alabama Theatre and the Lyric Theatre.  Birmingham also boasts newer venues such as Workplay, Iron City, Old Car Heaven, as well as a number of bars and restaurants that host live music on a weekly basis.

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Historic Venues in Birmingham

alabama theatre

Birmingham, Alabama is a growing, fun, active metropolis.  More people live in Birmingham than any other city in Alabama.  Since the town’s origin in 1871, Birmingham has become a center of education, art, and culture.  There are several historic landmarks that are still thriving today.  Some of the most popular landmarks that are still in use are the town’s multiple music venues.  A few of the most popular ones are the Alabama Theatre, the Lyric Theatre, and the Carver Theatre.

The Alabama Theatre was built in 1927 and is located in its original location, which is now known as the historic theater district.  When the Alabama Theatre first opened, it only showed silent films.  The building still houses the original Mighty Wurlitzer organ that provided the music during the silent films.  Known as “Big Bertha,” the organ brings people from all over the country to the Alabama Theatre to see and hear it in all its glory.  Check out the video below when it was featured on the PBS show Antiques Roadshow.   

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