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Music Producers

The production of music is a very involved process.  Although the listener of a particular song may think that it must be very simple to produce an award-winning hit, little do most people know of all the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.  Most number one songs are the combination of a very talented musical artist and a very good music producer. 

A music producer is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to musical production.  One might think of a music producer as someone similar to an executive chef in a restaurant kitchen, a general contractor on a construction project, a head coach of a sports team, or a conductor of an orchestra.  A music producer is ultimately the person in charge of all of the organizing that goes in to making a song a success.

In today’s society, people around the world can try their hand at music production with the invention of computer software that allows people the chance to mix and remix music and create new songs on their own.  Although this creation does allow the opportunity for widespread competition for the music production industry, there is really a lot of work that goes in to being a sought-after, well-known music producer.

Some successful music producers began their careers at the bottom of the industry, perhaps working as an intern in a music studio.  The ideal path for someone who wishes to be a music producer is to earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a field that can project a career along the music production pathway.  Some degrees that may be helpful include music production, sound engineering, fine arts, and even a business degree. 

Although a keen interest in music is obviously needed for a successful, and happy, music production career, one also needs the ability to provide good leadership, encouragement, direction, negotiation, and stability for the musical talents they wish to serve.  In short, a qualified music producer needs to be able to navigate all of the aspects of musical production while staying within a financial budget, promoting the musical talent, and sometimes even writing, or rewriting, the musical selection(s) themselves.

A music producer can be a wonderfully satisfying career, but it is a career that involves being able to multitask with ease and confidence.  A producer may find themselves working on the song lyrics, picking which instruments are played, and when they are played, setting up the recording studio, promoting the music, and coaching the musical artist, among other tasks.  The production of music has the ability to send music to the ears of millions of people and can be a very rewarding experience.