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I’ve Got the Rhythm & Blues

The genre of rhythm and blues, better known as R&B music, has a particular sound.  Sometimes, the sound mimics moods of heartache, pain, failures, and triumphs.  Originally started during the 1940’s, R&B music was played mostly for the African-American population; however, over the decades since then, it has become widespread throughout various singers and musical bands.

Rhythm and blues have played a part in influencing the town of Birmingham for many years. There are several R&B bands and clubs throughout the city.  There are also R&B festivals that are held annually around town. 

R&B music combines many genres.  Sounds of soul, gospel, funk, hip hop, and pop music can all be heard in various musical selections.  Typically, instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, and keyboard are used to create the sounds of R&B. 

The lyrics of rhythm and blues songs often have poignant messages.  They tend to focus on serious issues of people’s lives, including aspirations, relationships, and economics.  They are often sung in a very melodic fashion and with a lot of heart.

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Does Everybody Love Pop Music?

Pop music is a particular genre of music that is characterized as songs that are “popular” tunes of a current time period.  The term “pop music” began in the early 1920’s.  During that time, pop music was generally music that was family-friendly, and they were songs that the whole family enjoyed listening to; however, over the next few decades, pop music slowly became music that was listened to mostly by teenagers and young people.  Pop music has played a large part in the lives of young people for many, many years.

Pop music is often a combination of many music genres.  Some songs include elements of genres such as: Latin, rock, or rhythm and blues.  Pop songs are generally not too long in length, averaging about 3-5 minutes per song.  They usually include easy-to-remember choruses and very melodic tunes.  Pop music often is upbeat in rhythm and encourages the listener to dance or tap their feet.  The lyrics usually involve words that exhibit common trends of the current times.

Pop music originated in the United Kingdom and the United States, and is still a very popular genre in both areas.  Many countries around the world have some variation of their own pop music.  The commonality across the world, as far as pop music goes, is that pop music is largely written for the vast majority of young citizens and includes lyrics that are simple and memorable.

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