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Birmingham’s Best Known Bands

st paul and the broken bones

Birmingham, Alabama has a wonderful, vibrant, and growing music scene!  The town boasts a plethora of entertainment venues; from a lively, renovated historic district to modern, innovative venues.  Consequently, many musicians are creating local bands and are entertaining Birmingham residents throughout the city. 

A few bands that are popular are: St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Taylor Hicks, Within Reason, Catalyst Red, and Ages Apart.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones band was created in 2012 in Birmingham.  Their specialty is soul music and you can hear the smooth rhythms with the beats of instruments like the keyboard, guitars, drums, and saxophone.  They have released two albums already and they can be heard in venues around Birmingham and as they travel to destinations around the United States. 

Taylor Hicks became well-known in 2006 after he was named the winner of the popular television show, American Idol.  Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Taylor often plays his classic rock and blues music in venues around Alabama and throughout the U.S.

The Birmingham band Within Reason is best known for playing hard rock and alternative metal music.  Within Reason was voted “Rock Band of the Year” in 2007 at the BAMA Music Awards in Birmingham.  Currently, Within Reason is traveling around the U.S. on a band tour. 

Catalyst Red is another band that is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  They are an eclectic band known for hard rock, Christian rock, and funk rock. Although the members of this band come from a variety of music backgrounds, when they are together, they create music that is spiritual and harmonious. 

Ages Apart is a Birmingham band known for their intensity, loudness, and boldness for honesty.  In a genre known as Active Rock, this band is popular for lyrics that promote queries about beliefs, politics, spirituality, and relationships. 

As you can conclude from the samples of bands discussed in these paragraphs, Birmingham has a very wide range of musical talent.  Bands all over the city cover most musical genres from Christian music to Hard Rock.  Birmingham provides a music buff with the opportunities to explore a variety of music venues along with a variety of musical talents.  Perhaps you can investigate and explore the venues and musicians that appeal specifically to you.  Your options are aplenty and are still developing in this booming metropolis. 

Check out these videos of some of the popular bands that originated in Birmingham: